Your Thriving Writing Practice!

Your Thriving Writing Practice!

The fastest way to finish your novel is with a solid writing practice made for YOU. | taught by Kristin Iris

Course description

At some point every writer feels like they just don't have enough writing time...

Right now you have a story, or several, in you head that you're dying to get on the page but the onslaught of distractions, interruptions, and other responsibilities keep pulling you away.

You might feel completely stuck because you can't seem to get enough time to make any progress on your novel. Or when you finally sit down to write you hardly get anything done.

How exactly are you supposed to write your novel, or the next, or the next, if you can't even find enough time to put words on the page, especially with everything else you have to do?

No matter how much time goes by, and how little you get done, your story and your writing won't stop calling to you. This is your passion and you don't have to put it on hold anymore!

This complete system will teach you EVERYTHING you need to establish a thriving writing practice for your lifestyle so you can WRITE YOUR NOVEL! And the next. And the next!

Get ready to:

  • Create a consistent writing schedule that optimizes your time so you can make steady progress on your novel
  • Create powerful habits that will help you get MORE writing done in LESS time so you can finish SOONER
  • Bypass fears & doubts by creating a positive "writer's mindset" that will have your words flowing with more ease

Even if you're REALLY busy this system will work!


You'll get access to:

  • Video Training 
    Short video lessons will take you step-by-step through implementing each strategy in this system.
  • Worksheets 
    You'll get worksheets that will help you work through the strategies with more clarity and save you valuable time

Chapter 1: Get Motivated

Chapter 2: Find More Writing Time

Chapter 3: Make Consistent Progress

Chapter 4: Get More Written in Less Time

Chapter 5: The Write Mindset - Hit Your Goals!

Your probably wondering:

Q. If the course is in early launch what does that mean?

With the course in early launch that makes you a Pioneer Member. First this means you save BIG bucks. During early launch you can get in for only $167 and the price will only go up from here (it will never go back down). As a Pioneer Member you'll have a uniquely customized experience. Based on your feedback I'll make adjustments, changes, and extra content. Oh, and you'll have lifetime access and lifetime upgrades for free!

Q. When will I get access to the content?

You'll get Chapter 1 (aka Module 1) as soon as you purchase and the other Chapters will open over the course of the next 2 weeks.

Q. How do I get access to the course?

After you pay you'll be given a log in to the membership site on Thinkific where you can access Chapter 1 immediately and the rest of the content when it's live.

Q. How long will I have access to the course?

How's lifetime access sound? That's what you get! You'll have lifetime access to the content across any and all devices as well as any updates I make to the course content for no extra charge.

Q. I'm a parent with little time and a LOT to do. Will I even have time for this course and will it help me?

The great thing about this course as that it's designed to make it easy for you to take rapid action. The videos are short so you can watch in bite-size chunks. You'll get plenty of worksheets to guide you through the steps and save you time. I even have a special BONUS to help with the unique distractions and interruptions for parent writers!

Q. I'm new to writing and just starting out. Is this course really for me?

Absolutely! In fact if your starting out this is a great time to set a solid writing practice from the beginning so you writing doesn't get derailed. You'll make much faster progress than many other writers by taking this course. The strategies in this course will work for writers at ALL levels of experience to help them reach that next goal and every one after.

Q. What is the refund policy?

I want you to be happy with what you get. I offer a 30-Day "Do The Work" refund policy. If you aren't satisfied just show me that you did the work and implemented the steps within 30 days and that it didn't work for you and you'll get your money back.

Kristin Iris
Kristin Iris
Visionary & Transformation Mentor

I help female creatives & entrepreneurs clear out the old bullshit patriarchal conditionings holding them back, heal their spirit, and show up powerfully and fully expressed in who they are, so they can create the business, relationships, and life they truly desire and deserve! 

Your Thriving Writing Practice!